The Transparent Trading Protocol

Aviate invests in institutional-only high yield trading bots. The purpose of our project is to give retail investors access to these bots which usually require a large amount of capital to enter.

We believe in full transparency and share extensive trading logs before pre-sale and ongoing.

Our purpose

At Aviate we do one thing and we do it well. We allow investors of any capital size access to trading bots which usually require a high barrier of entry to invest. These bots are carefully researched by us and all have extremely good trading history (real trades, not backtesting).

Aviate's business model is that we take a fee in return for our research and due diligence of these bots. As well as running other aspects of the protocol.

By combining our uniquely-hedged token $AVI and USDC, we've created a system which uses NO previous investors' capital for payouts. Our payouts come from trading profits ONLY.

Built on blockchain

We love blockchain technology and have been avid users of it for years. Blockchain technology allows for intricate protocols such as ours to be run securely, quickly and openly. Our smart contract is verifiable and open source.

Our protocol is built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). We chose BSC because of it’s low gas fees, security, and large user-base, among other things.

Our smart contract will be checked, re-checked and then checked again for any security issues by Truth Seekers before our launch.

How to get started

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